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ממשלת גרמניה הקימה ועדת חקירה לחקר טבח הספורטאים הישראליים במינכן בשנת 1972

פרופ׳ דלמה שפירא, ראש מכון אירופה, נבחר ביחדה עם שני חוקרים ישראלים להיות בועד ממשלת גרמניה לחקר טבח הספורטאים הישראליים במינכן בשנת 1972

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Professor Shapiro is interviewed about the involvement of the Mossad in arrest of Iranian in Dusseldorf

How Israel uncovered [and prevented] an Iranian terror plot in Germany; Transmitted on ILTV Israel News

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Dr. Barak Bouks lecture about Cyber Threats in the Israeli 2022 Elections

Dr. Barak Bouks presented a lecture on the 7th Zagreb Security Forum in Croatia, about Potential Cyber Threats for Disrupting the 2022 Israeli elections.

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Israel green lights gas field off Gaza, but concerned Hamas will use revenue for terror

Dr. Barak Bouks is interviewed by the JNS about a possible gas field off Gaza, commenting about the implications and the PA and Hamas relations regarding it.

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Prof. Shpiro interview to the German Welt journal about the attack the Nord Stream pipeline.

Prof. Shlomo Shpiro sees clear indications pointing to Russia. "These skills were already developed in the Cold War."

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Professor Shapiro interview for ILTV about Israel-German relations

Israeli officials trade off on trips to Germany for high level talks with officials in Berlin. And the top of their agenda; convincing Germany and other EU nations to stop dealing with Tehran. But what will shift, if anything? Professor Shlomo Shpiro, director of the Europa Institute at Bar-Ilan University joins with more.

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