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Dear friends and colleagues,

We have been thrust into a war by the Hamas's murderous attack against Israel's civilians. We are defending our homes against a barbarian enemy. For the time being, the Europa Institute is dedicating its efforts to doing our best for Israel, in parallel to all our regular work. To all of you who contacted us from all over Europe and the world with messages of support - we are proud to have friends such as you. We strongly appreciate the support Israel receives from the United States and many European countries. Together we will beat Hamas as we destroyed ISIS.


Inevitably we must prioritize our work in these days to reflect the ongoing situation. Please contact us by Email or Whatsapp if needed. More updated will be posted here later.


Contact Us

Department of Political Studies,

Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, 5290002, Israel

Tel: +972-35317107

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